Thursday, July 24, 2008

The beauty of social bookmarking.

I've blogged briefly before about using to store my bookmarks, and there are other just as useful sites. I've recently set up an account on, where I am connecting with similar minded groups and being notified of what they are tagging -a great way to discover new resources.

However I'm still a big fan of, and use it to tag sites that would be useful reference material for my students. This makes it very easy for them to navigate to an approved list versus open searching. Most recently I'm tagging websites that discuss road safety campaigns that address the social injustices we have discussed in class, much easier for me to find initially and then allow them to explore through the provided links and extended networks.

If bandwidth is a problem, you can achieve a similar outcome by creating a text file (notepad or similar) and storing hyperlinks under headings within. Not as functional, but a suitable alternative.

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