Sunday, October 26, 2008

A new gadget, iPod Touch.

Toys, toys, toys. I'm unashamedly like a kid at Christmas when I buy a new gadget and look at ways it can further enhance learning in my classes. Latest acquisition – iPod Touch. And I'll assume you'll ask the same question most others do, why not an iPhone? Quite simply, this was a purchase with funds allocated to me through various grants and activities but needs to be used on educational gadgets. An iPhone was a possibility but then I would have needed to pay the monthly subscription, and that wasn't necessary in my current situation.

As I explore all that the iPod Touch can do, I don't think I'm missing much by not having an iPhone. Sure I'm reliant on wireless networks I have access to, but the 2 main places I'll use this have them. So for now the big exploration is how to sync all my existing services to the iPod Touch. As I learn, I'll record it here.

Some inspirational teachers I'm looking to learn quite a bit off include Jonathan Nalder and Toni Twiss. See their blogs for a range of great ideas in mobile learning.


Anonymous said...

Hi our school is starting a pilot program where teachers can apply for an ipod touch to use in their classroom. We need to sub,it ways we think we could use them, I am interested as I don’t want to get left behind in technology, but really have no idea! I teach middle school ( 14 year old boys) english, history, geography and religion. I also teach year 9 commerce. Could you please help me with some ideas? My email is’

Thank you in advance for your time,
Paula farrell

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