Saturday, November 1, 2008


There are rare occasions where I stumble across something that is so inspiring and emotional to me as a teacher.  Amanda Baggs video "In my language", and subsequently her blog, is one of those moments.  Looking at the dates on the video, this is not a recent web addition, however its recent in my experience, hence the seemingly belated blogpost.  The video is eight (8) minutes, but well worth it in my humble opinion.

A close friend who worked with what we call 'special needs' students (RIP Robyn Durrginton) taught me the most significant thing that has informed my teaching and relationships with people in one clear statement - "Its difficult to find the good in someone when you don't look for it."  These words live with me to this day.  Amanda's story has reinforced this significantly.  This will be a video I show my students, as I endeavour to learn with them about tolerance and diversity in modern society.

Amanda's story has me thinking, "How often has my push to have students produce the assessment item, and use ICTs, created an understanding divide?"  Food for thought.

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