Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Enhancing my Portable Office

I've blogged before about my "portable office" which began as a 4GB USB flash drive with some handy portable applications installed. For that blog refer to here. Since that post less than a month ago, I've made some changes for the better (I believe anyway). The most significant change is the use of a 4GB SD card in my EeePC which will hold portable apps I only need on this machine. I use the EeePC much like a PDA, it stores my calendar, contacts and tasks. However it offers the the extensability to function as laptop.

I removed Lightning (the Thunderbird calendar and task manager extension) from the USB drive. I've discovered, and thus far like Task Coach (portable) which handles my task management. I've installed Rainlendar as my calendar. I used rainlendar previously and find it very useful. Using GCALDaemon, I can sync Rainlendar with my Google Calendar. This has forced me to update my google calendar, which is a good thing. I've then installed my phone software on the EeePC which allows synchronisation to my phone. This suits my need for task and calendar management.

I also discovered a great little "how to" for reducing the Windows footprint on a HDD. This is particularly important for the EeePC as it only has 4GB onboard storage. Following instructions at "I am not a geek" I've been able to reduce windows storage to 2GB without any issues. In the future I may even delve further.

As many tech savvy people would experience, I get called on a lot to fix computer problems. This has encouraged me to research tools and tips on the web. I've downloaded quite a few free tools that seem to work so far. I'll explain these further in a future post. However the best advice I can give for this is to subscribe to the Podnutz podcast. Steve Cherubino is a laptop technician, but offers a range of free and useful advice for a variety of problems. Podnutz has taught me more about computer care, maintenance and repair than I've been able to gain through reading web posts.

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