Wednesday, August 20, 2008

eLearning Innovation Expo - Brisbane

I had the opportunity yesterday to attend the Smart Classrooms eLearning Innovation Expo at the Brisbane Powerhouse. What an experience. I always come away from days such as these inspired to do more in my teaching practice, and this time is no different. However my inspiration this time is not generated from teachers doing wonderful things in their classrooms.

We were fortunate to have Michael Furdyk as a keynote speaker. Michael runs the online space TakingITGlobal. What this man has achieved is absolutely amazing. His commitment to education worldwide is astounding. I took most inspiration from how he has connected students across the world and encouraged them to take action to address social injustices that other populations experience. Phenomenal achievements and caring shown by students working within this space.

This inspires me as my pet subject, Health Education, has at its core the recognition of social injustices and development of actions to address these. Michael has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities, and potential learning that I am simply not capable of within my current practice.

I urge you, read a bit about Michael and be amazed at what human compassion and commitment can achieve.

Thanks Michael, you've had an impact on me already. My brain is racing with ideas and a thirst to know more.


Emma said...

Shane, glad you enjoyed the day. Am busily racking my brain working out who to get to keynote in 2009.

(PS. My google/blogger profile is linked to a personal blog, nothing to do with education... have contemplated for many years creating an education blog for myself but never taken that step. Maybe CCK08 is the push I need)

Brad Halcrow said...

Hi Shane. It certainly was an inspiring day wasn't it?!
I loved how Michael revealed the power and undeniable benefits technology brings to our generation!