Monday, October 20, 2008

Concept maps.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I am exploring the world of concept maps. Currently my software of choice is CMaps. Its simple to use, and if I can get the server component running, it has a discussion thread. Now that could be really useful in class.

So how am I using them. At the moment, I'm building concept maps as a planning stage for my units of work. I'd like them to be clear enough to be presented to students in conjunction with the unit outline, but I fear my use at the moment is not as sophisticated as it should be. The key bonus, is that concept maps will more clearly represent the complex inter-relationships that are common fodder for study in Health Education.

There are many other concept map programs out there. My school site has Inspiration installed locally, and of course there are many web versions. CMaps is the first one I've trialled and for now is all I need. Plus it runs as a portable app, which as you know is important to me.

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