Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kids teaching kids

A quick post to reflect on some success today.

In my classes, many of the resources are built "on the fly." This occurs because I like to get the students involved and have them up on whiteboards or using computers connected to the projector. Its my attempt to have them involved in the construction of new knowledge, but also serves to share their knowledge creation and break down fear of being incorrect.

This year in my 10 Health class, I have an exchange student from Japan who speaks very little English. This type of learning hs not been effective for him. Some of the resources built in class I have modified for his benefit, but up until today I was aware I was doing an inadequate job.

So to get around it, the class figured out if one of them used my laptop and Google translate, they could create resources for the Japanese student on the fly also. The smile on his face told us all this was a winner. And in one action, they had addressed a disadvantage. The smile on my face is still here hours later.

Well done class.

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