Friday, May 31, 2013

Use the walls.

Today there was a change in purposeful use of parts of the Health Ed classroom. The change was inspired by a colleague who on Wednesday challenged a group of teachers to "use all the parts of your classroom." She then went on to explain how she uses the carpet in a process to enable students to learn how to write descriptively. This got me thinking. I currently use the walls to display student work, but is there a more productive use.

For a start, I thought the display of student work in itself could be more productive. So we grabbed examples of responses for the current assessment in each year level and annotated them. The annotations highlight where the students have addressed the task requirements and where they have missed them. The annotated responses were then posted onto the walls around the room.

Winner. Every student used these in the lessons today, with the majority of them taking pictures on their phones and tablets.

So I encourage you, use the walls.

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Teachforreal said...

Yay...have collectively used walls to post work across cohort and drawn on a large sample for ideas... Collective inspiration beats data to power of ten