Saturday, August 16, 2014

ACHPER conference 15 August: Leading a department

The table below is a record of a collaborative discussion on the challenges HPE leaders face in their jobs. Thank you to the group for contributing ideas and discussion around these important issues. It would be interesting to see what any readers think through comments to this post.

Resistant staff - T&L change
provide a solution with the problem
(constructive insubordination)
staff allocation
Contributing to faculty goals
buy in

time to meet
starting with some evidence or policy, then working with group to specify it to your workgroup

lobby admin for strategic time. Think offline options. Google docs, OneNote

open contribution never ends
filtering policy into faculty relevant

specific timelines
Working with staffStrengths based approach (how they contribute)perceptions?(who told you?)
Leadership approach

Know when to stop and recognise successes.

Acknowledging success will have greater results than acknowledging weakness
Professional vs. personal (feedback on performance)you acknowledge the strengths, ask them to acknowledge their opportunities for improvement

Think of a continuum, always room for improvement
Performance feedbacksetting scene

appointments set as "their time" not as a report from a supervisor
Timelimiting tasks per day


delegating (role based, team meetings)

work life balance conceptneed a buy in, they need to see the same purpose / vision

seeing can't instead of don't want to

master job list vs. most important tasks
Preparationupcoming unit materials shared and partner checked before the start of the unit (not HOD check)

Inbox zerofit emails onto one screen
allocated times for emails
Self rewardingdon't focus on the rest of the list, give yourself some sort of reward

think of term timelines in this also, use your holidays as holidays

Rewards available and accessed

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