Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 1 of a self imposed tablet device challenge.

I have multiple tablet devices. I am spoiled for choice. But I spend most of my time on my laptop. I haven't really pushed myself to adopt a tablet lifestyle. So I have decided this week to leave the work laptop on my desk and manage my work week tablet style. Today was day 1, I am aiming for 9 days.

Today I taught 2 classes, attended a meeting, managed resources and marked drafts. Some of this was successful on my iPad, some was not. In my school we mark rolls on a Windows only program. It has a web login but the boffins have not yet figured out how to deploy it. So for now we need our Windows laptops to mark rolls. Splashtop to the rescue. Install the Splashtop streamer to my laptop, add the Splashtop 2 app to my iPad - now I can connect to my laptop through a Remote Desktop. Roll marked.

Student drafts that were emailed in I could convert to PDF and open in PDFExpert. I add comments, insert text and email the draft with feedback to the student. I have a copy on my iPad that I can later export to my archived storage for such things. No problem.

But it's not all as smooth as it seems. What didn't work - Turn It In. The system we require our students to submit assessment to does not play nice on iOS. I could not scroll easily, and highlighting text for comment was not happening. I also discovered that if my work is all on iPad, I can't upload to Turn It In from the iPad.

So mostly successful, but not good news for Turn It In.

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