Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 2 of a self imposed tablet device challenge

Day 2 revealed a challenge I knew would appear sooner or later - readily accessible storage. As I have lived my work life in my laptop, all of my working files are there. When I came to work on a document today I struggled to develop a solution where I could access them on the iPad easily. I did not want to store them on the local network as this would restrict access when at home (yes, us teachers do work at home after hours!). Yet my organisation blocks EVERY cloud storage option except their own hosted solutions, which are very slow and unreliable in comparison to readily available options like Dropbox and Google Drive.

I have seen lots of discussion regarding the use of WebDav, which enables the easy movement of files between a hosted space and the iPad. This however requires the continual connection to the WebDav space, through the local network. Therefore WebDav would not help me if my work laptop stayed at work and the iPad was at home. I think I am restricted to accessing the files whilst at work, copying them to the iPad, and then copying back to the WebDav space or network share once complete.

Another option is to utilise the provided sharepoint storage options to store the working files. I would have to download them to the iPad to work on, then use an app such as GoodReader to manage the files on the sharepoint space. It is really the only cloud option available to me. The issue now is to figure out how to get my working folder of 4.8GB onto a sharepoint space with maximum storage of 500MB - a challenge to my workflow processes.

Stay tuned.

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