Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 3 of a self imposed tablet challenge

Today highlighted that the tablet is not the best device for drafting, especially when you receive files in a variety of formats. As discussed yesterday, Turn it in is a no go for drafting on the iPad. Today I received my year 12 drafts which are posters built on a single slide PowerPoint template. To deal with these I need to open them in Keynote, then export them as a PDF to PDF Expert. Once I have annotated them in PDFExpert, I am returning the students the annotated PDF plus a summary of the annotations (in case they cannot open the annotations at their end). This is a little time consuming, but the end result is not much different from inserting comments on the PowerPoint slide.

Splashtop is still the most called upon app, as many of my files are still stored locally on my laptop. I have begun to move working files to the TeamSite, and have that site connected inside GoodReader. I am yet to use this to bring down files, edit them and re-upload so as of yet I have no comment on this process.

My filing of files on the iPad is beginning to challenge me. I have a number of files scattered across apps. I am thinking that using a single app as storage and then exporting to apps as I need them may be a workflow worth investigating. In this case GoodReader would be the app for storage and transfer. I will need to consider this more carefully before I plunge ahead with any changes to in app storage.

On a physical note, it is a lot easier to carry around a tablet.

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