Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 4 of a self imposed tablet challenge

A tough but significant lesson learned today. Keep the tablet charged!

My use patterns prior to this self imposed challenge were clearly never enough to quickly drain battery. The forced change caught me unawares today when my battery level dropped below 15%. I was comfortable, thinking I had more than enough power to last through what I wanted to do.


I will need to purchase a wall charger so I can charge up when I need to.

I am really liking the workflow of marking drafts that I have mentioned in previous posts. It may be a little fiddly to get the emailed file into PDFExpert, but I like the power of that app for markup. And the fact that you can email straight from it is a bonus.

This challenge is challenging me to increase my knowledge and use of idoceo. This app for class management I have used for attendance and basic records, but now need to move my more comprehensive records to the tablet through this app. I can get my data out of the app, which is done regularly for backup purposes.

All in all, not much happened today.

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