Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 6 of a self imposed tablet challenge

It is a little disappointing to admit I have spent my Sunday mostly doing schoolwork, but I guess it is that time of term.

Throughout today a workflow has certainly begun to cement itself into my tablet practice. Due to the iPad not having a shared file system amongst apps, it does involve some fiddling and time inefficient methods to achieve, however I am placing common storage as a priority over efficiency. The general workflow developing for existing files is;

Files come in - via email, web browser, FileBrowser, GoodReader or SharePlus.

Files are edited - by "Open In" another app.

Files are returned to GoodReader, deleted from the editing app.

My main editing has been in documents thus far. My app of preference is Pages. I have tried SmartOffice, but I preferred working with the features of Pages. The documents are exported as .doc or .pdf once completed. Today I developed a unit plan, teaching resources and a proposal using this workflow. They are all stored in relevant folders within GoodReader which provides me quick access for sharing or showing.

Tomorrow will see some different use as work moves into exam mode.

Aside: Why aren't I using an Android, Ubuntu or Windows tablet? At this point it is simply access. I own both an iPad and Galaxy Tab 7". I much prefer working on the larger screen, therefore this challenge has defaulted in me using an iPad. This is not an indication of OS preference.

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