Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 7 of a self imposed tablet challenge

Exam week. A week of craziness where access to documents and schedules is a blur of necessity.

I managed to be almost totally tablet bound, except for editing of a spreadsheet stored on the school network. For time efficiency it was simpler to edit it on my laptop. I could have edited on the iPad, but that would have required importing it into my Numbers or SmartOfficeHD app, making the changes, then re-uploading it to the network.

Interview exams were held today. I have a couple of audio recording apps, however the one of choice is HT Recorder +, with completed files exported to and stored in GoodReader. For improved audio I have purchased a Blue Mikey microphone that connects directly to the iPad. I am still working outnthe settings as more noise is now picked up through the app (so bumps on the table are louder for example) but the clarity of voice reproduction is much better than simply using the onboard microphone. A fellow teacher managed submission of files through her laptop. If I was to do this on the iPad then email would be a suitable process to follow.

Day 8 will be very similar to day 7, with exams being the focus.

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