Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 8 of a self imposed tablet challenge

Oxymoron - typing this blog on the Macbook! (have been up for 2 hours marking and its he device I am on)

Day 8 was pretty much a repeat of day 7 - using the device for assessment. HT Recorder + was once again used for the recording of interviews. I would recommend this app for simple audio recording and editing, it is easy to split audio and trim to selections - which is great when the operator forgets to create a new file and runs three interviews into the same file! Interesting to note that renaming the files within HT Recorder + does not actually rename the file, it is just a representation within that app. So I am still exporting them to GoodReader, renaming in that app (which actually renames the file) and then using the wifi access to transfer them to the external hard drive set up for backup of student work.

Beginning the assessment of essays in Turn It In, which as identified previously cannot be done on the iPad, I have developed a workflow that incorporates a two screen setup. I use the laptop to open the student submission inside Turn It In, and use GoodReader on the iPad to open the marking sheet (criteria) as a PDF. GoodReader allows the annotation of PDFs, so I can tick and comment as I mark inside Turn It In with comments. Why am I using GoodReader to annotate the PDF instead of PDFExpert? Simply because it has become my storage app also, and it saves time having the annotation within the app.

I was also fortunate enough to be asked to share"a story"of how I use mobile devices in my learning environments. Was nice to reflect on processes for student learning rather than personal work. The information in the story is nothing new - students create and capture learning materials with the devices, share amongst each other and free me to engage in critical conversations rather than lead learning activities.

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