Sunday, September 1, 2013

Impressed and inspired by my class

I am seriously loving teaching my year 10 Health class this year. I am confident they will be well prepared for the senior Health Education course at my school as year 11 and year 12 students.

But why am I impressed and motivated?

I am impressed by the recent response to a challenge I set them. The challenge was to graphically represent the integration of four (4) frameworks we have studied so far. The frameworks are - Basic Concept Map of Health Education, Social Determinants of Health, Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, Iceberg Model. Whilst they could all do this effectively, the outstanding response is the one below (with the typical by line you would expect from teenagers!)

The simple explanation - to cross the bridge between identifying the disadvantage and understanding it, you need to use the social determinants of health. That enables you to slide down through the Ottawa Charter to plan and implement a health promotion campaign. You then climb through the data to identify further disadvantage. Impressive.

I am inspired by their intent. We have just completed a unit titled "Champions of Social Justice" where they researched the work of a person or group and presented a justification of the term champion in this concept. Our next unit is a class health promotion program. My initial intent was to perform an in school campaign that promoted awareness of our student support program. The class has decided this is not significant enough, so is now in the process of planning a large campaign to raise funds for up to three groups. Ideas being tossed around are 24 hour relays, sleepout for homeless, biggest morning teas. I love this motivation they have to work for the health of others. I hope we can get this off the ground, will let you all know the outcome.

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Unknown said...

Hey Shane,
This looks awesome. But it would never have happened if you'd stuck with a chalk and talk approach. You are lucky to have your class walk the learning journey, and I think this shows the importance of knowing your classes and working with those that are likely to make the most of the opportunity. I'll be watching to see how the promotion strategy goes. - Jonesy