Saturday, August 17, 2013

Refreshed and motivated - thank you ACHPER Qld.

I have been lucky enough to have just spent 2 days at the ACHPER Qld Brisbane conference. The focus of the conference was teaching and learning in HPE. This is the first conference I have been to in many years that was not technology based and I can say it was a refreshing change. Technology conferences have lost their shine with me, too many of them attempt to upsell a product (website, service, app, device) in a disguise of promoting learning. The ACHPER conference had a clear focus of learning - no bells, whistles or extra bling, just learning. A range of great speakers willing to share ideas and processes they have found successful.

From Anthony Ryan (Edmund Rice Foundation) sharing "jolt" and "metanoia" moments, to current practitioners sharing learning ideas and finally Ian Healy sharing thoughts on how to cope with change - a constant, clear message of "be alert, not alarmed" and "be prepared, we can do this" was clear. Let's face it, the Australian Curriculum is coming.

Personally I found insight in presentations from Ross Stewart (Meridan State College), Lousie McCuaig (University of Qld), John Clancy (Brisbane Grammar School), Jo Butterworth (QSA) and Steven Mikael (AB Paterson College) with practical ideas that would be reasonably simple to use in my work, and have clear benefit to our core business - the students.

I will reflect on some of the more pertinent talks through this blog over the coming weeks. However I think its important to note one thing that Steven Mikael said. Essentially his message was -

"We as HPE teachers are so lucky that Health and Physical Education is considered a compulsory subject in the new Australian Curriculum up to year 10. Without the work of ACHPER Australia wide, we could well have been an elective subject. ACHPER has ensured we remain an important component of every child's education."

Are you a HPE teacher? I encourage you to repay this thought by becoming a member. Each state has its own branch, just search for ACHPER and your state. Well said Steven.


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