Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Let's review week 1 (Sunday 3rd January)

This post starts a new habit I am trying to form, where I review my week at the end of each week throughout the year. Its part of a productivity push and in response to many readings where a weekly review is recommended. You can read more about that through a web search. So my plan is to reflect at the end of each week. These reflections will be posted here, simply for a place to store them and review over time. Feel free to read and comment if you can be bothered spending the time doing so.

Week 1:

Significant events - Lifesaving patrol 6 hours Saturday, Surf club (nippers) meeting 2 hours Thursday. Significant events are noted as they will either occupy a significant amount of time or result in tasks to be completed. Noting the significant events is a double up from my calendar but has allowed me to be realistic in what I can achieve during the week.

Goals achieved - Fix something. The fix for the week was a system to stop our dogs from pushing their food bowls off their "tables" when they eat. We use a raised surface to take strain off their necks while eating. This fix will hopefully result in less mess on the floor when they eat.

Goals not achieved - daily yoga (once), 4 cardio sessions (3), 2 strength sessions (none), 2 guitar sessions (none), reading for leisure daily (twice), learn something.

Insights - Having the plan has certainly enabled the review. I remember reading the reviews of another blogger a few years back and trying to implement a similar approach. What I had missed was the plan. The plan I am using has been developed from advice by my supervisors at work. Its an adaptation of a requirement for our faculty plans. If you have any interest you can see the plan template here.

I have been trying to break my dependence on coffee this week. I have done this successfully a couple of years ago so this time around the headaches are not as bad. It has affected my mood, with periods of feeling grumpy.

I also re-started tracking my nutrition for both energy balance and nutrient analysis. Not enough information here to see if there is any impact on my week yet.

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