Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 - Leading HPE in preparation for syllabus change

In 2019, the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority will implement an entirely new senior education system, including a complete suite of new subjects and a new assessment and grading system. This presents a challenge to high schools in 2018 to effectively prepare for the implementation.

Fortunately, the syllabi for the new suite of subjects has been released. We can therefore familiarise with the subject matter, pedagogical concepts and assessment practices. Preparing staff and students for these whilst maintaining our 7 - 10 Australian Curriculum and 11 - 12 current senior system will require purposeful planning.

What I intend to share through this blog is how I will lead my HPE faculty through 2018 in preparation for 2019. What is definite;

  • all year 7 - 10 students will experience the new senior system when they get to year 11.
  • even though few teachers will teach the new subjects next year, all teachers will have students this year that need some preparation
  • enabling teachers to utilise subject matter in current units will provide opportunity for reflection and refinement in 2019
  • enabling students to experience similar types of assessment that they will experience in year 11 will prepare them for the conditions they will experience
  • Australian Curriculum, specifically the 5 propositions, develop students for the new system
  • whole-scale curriculum change would not be fair to teachers or students
There are a number of actions already undertaken, and I will blog about each of these in future posts. 

Within my faculty I will be responsible for 3 of the new subjects in 2019;
  • Health
  • Physical Education
  • Psychology
Psychology will present a specific challenge as it is a science based subject and therefore has not considered Australian Curriculum HPE in its development. At this stage the entirety of the impact on our middle school program that incorporating Psychology into our senior will have is unknown. Impact of new syllabi in Physical Education and Health is much more concrete.

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