Thursday, January 11, 2018

Reframing middle school units within the senior school pedagogical frameworks

Within the future senior education system are a range of conceptual and pedagogical frameworks that guide each subject. Overarching all syllabi is Marzano and Kendall's taxonomy of educational objectives. This means a refining of the use of cognitive verbs within middle school to ensure the language of cognition is purposely developed. Each syllabus includes a conceptual and / or pedagogical framework that underpins the subject. In the image on this post, you will see the framework from the Physical Education syllabus.

What I am intending to create are a range of introductory images / slides for each unit within my middle school program that outlines for teachers and students the "placement" of this unit within the syllabus framework, the specific cognitions students will be asked to demonstrate and how the syllabus framework will be interpreted within the unit.

In the image, based on a year 7 ball sports unit, the unit is represented as an interpretation of the Physical Education framework. Cognitive verbs are represented in color depending on the "level". Retrieval and comprehension are red, analysis are green, and knowledge utilisation are blue.

Across my middle school program, each unit will draw on either the Health syllabus or the Physical Education syllabus. And as such, a similar resource will be developed.

Do you think this will assist teachers and students to align middle school units with the senior programs?

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